North Central Nebraska RC&D – Recycle, Reuse and Dispose of Properly Directory

North Central Nebraska RC&D has released a Recycle, Reuse and Dispose of Properly Directory

North Central Nebraska RC&D Recycling Guide 08092021

Recycling, reusing and disposing properly of any materials is now easier for those living in Boyd, Brown, Cherry, Holt, Keya Paha and Rock Counties.

The NC NE RC&D Council hired a consultant to conduct a feasibility study in 2015-2016. The Council was listening for ways they might be able to continue to serve the 6 counties. Based on the results, it was decided to focus time and assets on identifying recycling opportunities.

The Directory above is one of the results of the Councils work. Continue reading “North Central Nebraska RC&D — Recycle, Reuse and Dispose of Properly Directory”

North Central RC&D announces NK Waste and Recycling of Valentine NE

  Photo: Leaning into gale force winds, those attending the NK Waste & Recycling Glass Bunker open house include: Carolyn Hall, Sarah Joy, Dean Jacobs, Rod Stolcpart, Dorine Campbell, Kalli Kieborz, Kim Burge, Lauren Hershey-Henry from Ripple Glass, Mike Burge. Neil Westcott cutting the ribbon, Karen Phillips, Billie Wescott Whiting, Cindy Wescott and Nadeane Allard.

Oct 5, 2018: The Open House and Ribbon Cutting for glass recycling is in the books. This marks the beginning. Glass is heavy and takes a lot of room. Now, in the Valentine area, we have systems in place to keep glass out of the dead end landfill. Instead we can move it forward to serve its next purpose.

NC RC&D announces NK Waste and Recycling of Valentine NE is accepting glass at their recycling center in Valentine. Along with the bins of paper and tin and other recyclables, there is now a container for glass.

“Glass recycling is available because we have found a market for the glass,” comments Neil Wescott of NK Waste & Recycling. “It has been quite a while since there has been anyone accepting glass. Learning about Ripple Glass opened this opportunity.

“It was one year ago this week,” comments NC RC&D Ex Dir Kim Burge, “that I attended the Nebraska Recycling Council’s annual event. At this event, I learned about Boulevard Beer’s program to recycle glass through their newly formed company- Ripple Glass of Kansas City MS. Opening 4 years ago, Ripple Glass Continue reading “North Central RC&D announces NK Waste and Recycling of Valentine NE”

Sandhills RC&D unveils new website

The Sandhills RC&D unveils a new website!

The Sandhills Resource, Conservation, and Development Council, better known as RC&D, is a nonprofit organization created to help develop and improve the social, econimic and environmental conditions whithin the Sandhills area it serves.  That area is the Nebraska counties of Arthur, Grant, Hooker, Keith, Lincoln, Logan, McPherson and Thomas.

Visit the Sandhills RC&D website at

Northeast Nebraska RC&D Annual Meeting a Celebration

NE Nebraska RC&D - new officers for 2015

Photo caption: Newly elected officers to the RC&D Council for 2015 are (from left to right) Dennis Wacker, Joan Alexander, Janet Gill and Jim Rabe.

The Northeast Nebraska Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Council held its annual meeting at the Serendipity Restaurant in Plainview recently to celebrate the year’s accomplishments and encourage fellowship amongst members and guests.  Jr. Jazzercisers provided the dancing entertainment. 

Two new projects were chosen for support.  A one-year pilot project will be undertaken to extend Northeast Nebraska RC&D services and outreach to Madison County since the PrairieLand RC&D is no longer able to do that.  And grant writing assistance will be given to the Wynot Public Cemetery board for their multi-faceted repair project.  Continue reading “Northeast Nebraska RC&D Annual Meeting a Celebration”

Noxious Weed Tour Successful!!

Lucas explains phramites habitat 08262014Weed Workshop Was Informative

The Northeast Nebraska Weed Management Area (NNWMA) in cooperation with the Northeast Nebraska RC&D Council and the Nebraska Environmental Trust held a tour recently at Niobrara State Park.  “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Noxious Weed Control” offered the 32 participants an education on noxious weeds and control methods being used.

First stop was the Niobrara Public School to hear from the student leaders about their Purple loosestrife bucket garden.  Students rear the insects the feed on this weed and then later release them into infestations of the plant.  These biological control insects feed exclusively on that plant.   Students shared with the group the many life skills they’ve learned in doing this project.  The NNWMA and the South Dakota/Nebraska Purple loosestrife groups have assisted teacher Sharla Hanzlik and the students over a number of years with this project.

A visit to the Niobrara boat ramp offered a look at native Phragmites and Purple loosestrife in their natural environment.  Experts pointed out that both native and non-native Phragmites are growing in the area, and often in the same spot, so control methods are difficult to implement.

Salt cedar is another noxious weed that has shown up along the Missouri River in Nebraska and South Dakota.  The NNWMA and partners have been vigilant each spring and now in late summer as well, to get out on the river and the sandbars to keep up the fight.  They use boats to get to the areas of infestation and then Continue reading “Noxious Weed Tour Successful!!”

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

 Galerucella insect in PLS
Photo caption: The Galerucellainsect feeds on Purple loosestrife plants.  This is one method being used by the Northeast Nebraska Weed Management Area to help control the spread of this noxious weed.
The Northeast Nebraska Weed Management Area in cooperation with the Northeast Nebraska RC&D Council and the Nebraska Environmental Trust are hosting a free educational tour on Wednesday, August 20

th at Niobrara State Park.  “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Noxious Weed Control” is the title for this event.  Participants will see first-hand a number of methods being used to control the spread of Nebraska-listed noxious weeds. 

Officials with Nebraska Game & Parks have implemented the use of chemicals, insects, mowing and haying in their fight against noxious weeds on the Bazile Creek Wildlife Management Area located near the park.  Some have worked well while others have not. 
The Northeast Nebraska Weed Management Area (NNWMA) has used both chemical and biological controls on Purple loosestrife, Leafy spurge, and Knapweed through their programs.  Flooding caused problems with the insects, the sheer volume of noxious weeds that must be controlled is overwhelming in some locations, and working around environmental concerns also plays a big part in when and how some controls are implemented. 

Continue reading “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

Artists’ Work Displayed at RC&D

country estate photo
Marcella Donner’s favorite photo is of this lovely old country estate near the mountains.


The Northeast Nebraska Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Council currently has two artists displaying their work.  The first is Shirley Hoffman of Plainview.  Her Double Irish Chain quilt is fashioned out of plain pink and printed fabric.  The other is an Earth Rhythms Pattern made of gold and a dark-colored print.  This award-winning quilt received a blue ribbon from the Country Piecemakers Quilt Guild.  The latter was given to Shirley’s granddaughter, Grace Hoffman for her 13th birthday in 2013. 

Marcella Donner, Wausa, has many talents as an artist.  Not only does she put glassware together for garden art and lamps, but she’s also a photographer.  She very much enjoys taking pictures of flowers and country scenery.  Marcella has even created photo collages as memory gifts upon request. 
These displays can be seen at the RC&D office from 10am to 4:30pm Tuesdays through Thursdays.  The public is welcome and encouraged to stop in.  Everyone appreciates having their creations seen and enjoyed by others.