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The National Association of Resource Conservation & Development Councils Announces Award to Five Rivers RC&D Council 

News Release: Five Rivers Premier Level – Circle of Diamonds 2012


Alan Richard Nomination for Connecting Nebraska Award
The Southeast Nebraska Resource Network is proud to nominate Alan Richard for the Connecting Nebraska Award for 2012. 

Alan has been a steadfast volunteer in his home community, county and for the southeast Nebraska region.  After leaving the corporate world in 1998, Alan moved to Pawnee City to enjoy the country life.  He soon became involved with an NRD lake project near Pawnee City and with zoning issues. As a result he is now the secretary for the Zoning Board and the Board of Adjustment.  

Other activities locally include the Pawnee City Chamber of Commerce and the Pawnee County Development Corporation.  He has served as president of both and led the campaign to pass LB840 and the city sales tax which have helped complete numerous projects.  He is currently leading a new organization recently formed to develop an Assisted Living Facility in Pawnee City.  

Regionally, Alan has served as president of SENEDA (the Southeast Nebraska Economic Development Association); is a member of the 5 county Partners for Progress and an active member of SERN.  He has served as president of the Five Rivers RC&D for the past 3 years and has helped them survive loss of federal funding and reorganize to stay a viable entity working to better the 8 county region they serve. It is a pleasure to nominate Alan Richard for this award and to thank him for his hours of volunteer service to his community, his county and to southeast Nebraska.

Five Rivers RC&D Sponsors and Council Members ~ December  2011

Five Rivers RC&D Council Staff and Members

 Five Rivers Earns the “Enhanced” Circle of Diamonds Award


The National Association of Resource Conservation and Development  (RC&D) Councils announces the 2009 “Enhanced” Circle of Diamond Award goes  to Five Rivers RC&D!!!  The Five Rivers RC&D Council is the first council  nationwide to have applied for and earned Enhanced (Tier II)  Membership in the Circle of Diamonds program. 

 Congratulations Five Rivers RC&D Council!!!

The Circle of Diamonds program was introduced in 2003 with a single  tier. This year, the National Association added two additional tiers to give  councils the opportunity to receive recognition for their exceptional  achievements beyond original program requirements. Both additional tiers call  for the institution of exemplary governance practices and high internal  management standards designed to enhance the performance of councils and lend  them additional credibility in their communities.

Founded in 1992, Five Rivers RC&D Council serves an eight-county area in the southeastern corner of Nebraska through a wide variety of projects, including hazardous waste and scrap tire collections, weed management, grassland preservation, and promotion of organic agriculture.

As a member of the Circle of Diamonds since 2005, Five Rivers RC&D Council has already shown its accountability to the public and  commitment to the RC&D mission. With its membership in the enhanced Circle  of Diamonds, it has demonstrated its ability to go above and beyond in its pursuit of excellence.

“We feel very honored to be the first Council  nationwide to be awarded the Enhanced Level  of the Circle of Diamonds. It is a tribute to the strong team concept that the
Five Rivers RC&D has. The application process allowed us to take a really
good look at our internal processes and procedures.  Knowing that we are operating as recommended by the National RC&D gives us great satisfaction.”

“It is important to recognize those that have given us a lot of  support over the years.  The twelve  Nebraska RC&D’s have always been encouraged by past RC&D Program
Manager, Ken Noonan, and the now current RC&D Program Manager, Doug
Christensen, to complete their area plans and achieve the Circle of  Diamonds.  Because of this, Nebraska was  the first state to have all of its RC&D Councils achieve the Circle of
Diamonds!  We express gratitude to every  sponsor of our RC&D as well as those for our past, present, and future  projects.  We also appreciate the  leadership of the Nebraska State RC&D Association.”

~Alan Richard, President Five Rivers RC&D, on behalf of the Five Rivers RC&D.

Back Row (Left ro Right): Jessica  Jones, Vice-President, Tammy Timms, Coordinator, Scott Kudrna, State RC&D President, Doug Christensen, RC&D Program Manager, & Robert Lorenz,  Council Member.

Front Row (Left to Right): Donna  Hunter, National RC&D Council Communications Director, Mary Kruger,  Treasurer, & Alan Richard, President.