About: Trailblazer


Area Description

The Trailblazer RC&D consists of seven counties in South Central
Nebraska: Clay, Fillmore, Franklin, Harlan, Nuckolls, Thayer and Webster. Five
of these seven counties are in the lower half of all Nebraska counties in
household income.

This predominantly rural area has a declining population of roughly 38,500.
Superior is the largest city inthe area with a population of 2,390. Three major
cities, Grand Island, Hastings, and Kearney, border the Trailblazer RC&D

Crop and livestock production are the predominantly economic forces in the
area. Tourism potential in the area is excellent with its many historical sties
and outdoor recreation facilities. The largest industrial employer is an
irrigation manufacturer by Deshler that hires 200 people. The median age of the
population is 40.7, which is 7.7 years older than the state average.

Priorities of Trailblazer RC&D

  • Protect the quality and quantity of all natural resources in the area
  • Stabilize and enhance the economy with economic development activities
  • Ensure adequate, affordable, attractive and quality residential and business
    properties in the area
  • Ensure quality health care and human services for all residents in the area
  • Develop recreational facilities and a tourism industry that encourages
    residents and nonresidents to vacation in the area

Summary of 2007 Activities

  • 10 monthly council meetings with 12 guest speakers
  • 20 project/committee meetings
  • 11 new projects
  • 10 completed projects
  • 22 on-going projects
  • 70 partners, which include federal, state, regional local and media
  • 1,380 council member hours contributed
  • 1,440 volunteer hours contributed