Projects: Trailblazer


2007 Project Highlights

Career Day Expo 

The twelfth annual Career Day Expo program was another success with 1,150 students from 38 area schools in attendance.

The event was held at Central Community College campus in Hastings with many volunteers assisting from surrounding communities.  The primary focus of the program was to make youth  aware of career opportunities available in rural Nebraska and reduce the out-migration of graduating seniors.

Thirty-six different occupational booths were available for hands-on experience.  Each student selected four different sessions to visit.


  • Central Community College
  • Hastings Chamber of Commerce 
  • South Central RC&D
  • Trailblazer RC&D


  • RC&D TA – $1,000
  • Other – $8,000

Twin Valley Weed Management Area

The Twin Valley Weed Management Area Coalition made tremendous strides this past year in addressing invasive weed control on the Republican River channel, as well as on Harlan County Reservoir.  LB-701 funding provided us with $772,500 to address weed control.  1,100 acres of spraying was completed on the river channel and 750 acres was
sprayed above Harlan County Dam.  Funnding will also be provided for mechanical
removal of debris (log james) from the river channel and deep disking of some  islands.

Additional grant funds will be applied for next summer for additional spraying above Harlan County Dam. 


  • Lower Republican Natural Resources District 
  • County Weed Districts 
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Nebraska Department of Agriculture 


  • NE Dept. of Agriculture – $17,316
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – $20,000
  • Lower Republican NRD & Tri-Basin NRD – $13,000
  • LB-701 funds – $772,500
  • RC&D TA – $10,000

Business Succession Workshop

Over forty business  professionals attended a Business Succession Workshp in Nelson, NE this past  summer.  Small business means big things for rural Nebraska towns.  All
businesses will transfer at some stage of their life cycle.  Two out of three  firms lack a written strategic plan for business transaction, and most companies have no plan of any kind.  This worksho provided a coordinated team of professionals to help business owners move forward with a positive comprehensive approach, a well-reasoned plan and a buy/sell agreement that works for all parties. 


  • Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • Fillmore County Economic Development Corporation
  • Thayer County Economic Development Alliance 
  • Center for Rural Affairs – REAP 
  • South Central Economic Development District 
  • City of Nelson


  • RC&D TA – $1,500
  • City of Nelson – $1,000
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City – $2,000

Used Tire Collection

The Trailbalzer RC&D Council hosted seven collection sites this past summer to collect used tires.  Qualtities received at each site were:

       Alma          76 ton

       Hildreth     68 ton

       Nelson      116 ton

       Blue Hill    124 ton

       Geneva      80 ton

       Hebron      78 ton

       Harvard      92 ton

Total                  634 ton

Grant funding was provided through Department of Environmental Quality.  This was the second collection event that the RC&D has hosted in the last three years.

Partners and Funding:

  • Farmers Co-Op Association – $800
  • Lower Republican NRD – 200
  • Little Blue NRD – 200
  • NE Dept. of Enviormental Quality – $56,426
  • Each County – 400
  • RC&D TA – $2,000

Household Hazardous Waste Collections

The Trailblazer RC&D received a $23,600 grant from Department of Environmental Qualtiy to host their third hazardous waste cleanup within the last six years.  One collection site was selected in each of the seven counties within the RC&D area.  Each county had a used oil mobile tank, which was acquired from a previous grant through DEQ, on had to collect the oil.

A tremendous amount of volunteers’ help was required for each site.  Farmers
Union Cooperative partnered with the RC&D providing lunches and protective
clothing.  Over 23 tons of material was collected.


  • Department of Environmental Quality
  • Farmers Union Cooperative
  • Respective County Commissioners
  • DEQ – $23,600
  • RC&D TA – $5,000
  • Farmers Union CO-OP – $2,000
  • Local In-kind – $12,000
  • RC&D TA – $10,000

Fiscal Year ’07 Completed Projects

Career Day Expo

Red Cloud Ag Day Expo

Household hazardous Waste Collection

Twin Valley Weed Task Force

Business Succession Workshop

Used Tire Collection

Workforce Development Workshop

Webster County Rural Cleanup

Annual Banquet

Community Imput Survey

On-Going Projects

Bostwock Irrigation District

South Central Health Alliance


Scenic Byways – Heritage Highway 136

Legalizing Hemp

Career Day Expo – FY’08

Water Jamboree

Highway 6 Byway

South Central Economic Development District

South Central Vision Task Force

Republican River Riparian Project

Republican River Habitat Initiative

Meth Awareness Task Force

Business Beyond the Farm

Annual Banquet

Noxious Weed Task Force

Ethanol Coalition

Harlan/Furnas Economic Coalition

Youth Retention

Community Tree Program

2009-2012 Plan of Work

Thayer County ATV Trail

Women’s Wilderness Weekend