Krista Stueckrath Display at Northeast Nebraska RC&D Office

The Northeast Nebraska Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Council is pleased to be showcasing the artwork of Krista Stueckrath through August 8thKrista Stueckrath2Krista is the daughter of Dean and Stephanie Stueckrath of Osmond and granddaughter of Dorean and the late John Stueckrath of Plainview.  Last summer, as the result of a review of her art portfolio, she was a recipient of a scholarship to the Art Institute in Vermillion.  She graduated from Osmond High School in May and plans to attend USD this fall majoring in business while perhaps pursuing a minor in art.  She’ll also be a member of their marching band.
Krista really enjoys working with acrylic paints, but her display shows how talented she is working with all sorts of media.  Color is used extensively in many of her pieces.  Her favorite picture is of an abstract black tree with a blue moon and lots of other bright colors on the canvas.  The piece that took her the longest to do, a lot of class time plus vacation time at home, used colors that were all mixed to get just the color she had in mind.  It has 10,235 dots all made with a pencil eraser as her stamp. 
Krista’s female side of the family is all very artistic and creative.  Her Dad Dean said “Ever since Krista was just a little kid she could keep herself entertained with coloring or doing other artistic things.  She has the patience to do it.”   
This display of artwork may be viewed at the RC&D office at 702 E. Park Ave., east Hwy 20, in Plainview on Tuesday through Thursday each week until August 8th.  “If people are seeing my artwork, I’ll be pleased” Krista said. 
The RC&D Council is a non-profit organization here to serve the needs and interests of the citizens of the area.  For more information about RC&D projects or activities, see or call 402-582-4866. 
The RC&D office is handicap accessible.  This institution is an equal opportunity provider & employer.