In Celebration of RC&D’s 50th Anniversary

 NARC&DC wants to highlight 50 councils and their success stories.  Starting in 2013, we will highlight a council every week.  Are you interested in having your council receive national attention?  If so, contact Sue Sutherland, Western RC&D President, with the following information:

Name of Your Council
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Selected councils will be expected to submit a story with pictures which will appear on our new National RC&D website.  The National Association of RC&D Councils has developed a template for your use.  The template can be found at  Let’s start acknowledging and celebrating RC&D successes!   Contact Sue at [email protected].  We look forward to celebrating your success!

RC&D Celebrated at Association Conference

The Northeast Nebraska Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Council hosted state the annual RC&D State Association Conference during National RC&D Week September 24 – 28.  Thirty-five people from across Nebraska participated in the 3-day event held in Wayne. The conference theme was “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” which provided a perfect opportunity to share local successes of the Northeast Council.  It also gave new meaning to the sites visited on the motor coach tour.

Gill Landfill, the first stop, was an eye-opener for many.  It was started in 1981 with 270 acres, but has expanded to include 1200 acres making its’ capacity large enough to last 40 years.  600-900 tons of garbage is brought in each day from a radius of 90 miles.  In recent years they’ve added methane capture to their ventures and serve the ethanol plant near Jackson with 10% of their energy needs. Continue reading “RC&D Celebrated at Association Conference”

The Nebraska State RC&D Association Announces its Annual Awards

2012 Outstanding Coordinator/Executive Director
Bobbie Meints – Five Rivers RC&D

As the Executive Director of Five Rivers RC&D, Bobbie is able to incorporate her outgoing, strategic, empathetic, communicative, and innovative personality in order to achieve the goals of the organization.  Demonstrating the implementation of a balanced RC&D program, Bobbie has been able to adjust to the restructuring of the organization and identify and utilize effective ways of completing RC&D projects and activities.  She values the opinion of each individual she works with and incorporates the opinion of others into her decision making process.  Bobbie’s personality and her past experience of working with the public serves the Five Rivers Council very well, as she is 100% committed and understands what is necessary to “make a difference” in southeast Nebraska.

2012 Outstanding Performance by a Council
Northeast Nebraska RC&D Council

Over a nineteen year period this Council had grown to become a regional leader involving many active groups of volunteers, all who wanted to make the area a better place.  Many who are involved in projects are not on the board, but are interested citizens.  Some projects are led by other groups such as the Outlaw Trail Scenic Byway who draw encouragement and technical support from the RC&D.  Training to RC&D Council members and visiting with sponsor’s boards helps in creating an awareness of the accomplishments of the RC&D and tries to ensure continued financial and verbal support by those entities.  Many times the RC&D projects have been completed thanks to the financial support gained through grant funding and the sponsors continue to provide membership dues.  Activities and projects of the RC&D Council are based on input from citizens and board members. Priorities were defined in the Strategic Plan and a major part of the Council’s priority efforts in this last year has been on survival. Continue reading “The Nebraska State RC&D Association Announces its Annual Awards”