The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

 Galerucella insect in PLS
Photo caption: The Galerucellainsect feeds on Purple loosestrife plants.  This is one method being used by the Northeast Nebraska Weed Management Area to help control the spread of this noxious weed.
The Northeast Nebraska Weed Management Area in cooperation with the Northeast Nebraska RC&D Council and the Nebraska Environmental Trust are hosting a free educational tour on Wednesday, August 20

th at Niobrara State Park.  “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Noxious Weed Control” is the title for this event.  Participants will see first-hand a number of methods being used to control the spread of Nebraska-listed noxious weeds. 

Officials with Nebraska Game & Parks have implemented the use of chemicals, insects, mowing and haying in their fight against noxious weeds on the Bazile Creek Wildlife Management Area located near the park.  Some have worked well while others have not. 
The Northeast Nebraska Weed Management Area (NNWMA) has used both chemical and biological controls on Purple loosestrife, Leafy spurge, and Knapweed through their programs.  Flooding caused problems with the insects, the sheer volume of noxious weeds that must be controlled is overwhelming in some locations, and working around environmental concerns also plays a big part in when and how some controls are implemented. 

NNWMA has assisted the Niobrara Public School in continuing their Purple loosestrife bucket garden where they rear the insects the feed on that particular plant.   The South Dakota Purple loosestrife group has also helped the school project by providing funds for supplies and labor. 
This no-fee event begins with registration at 9:30 a.m. at the Niobrara State Park Lodge.  Transportation will be provided for participants taking part in the tour.  The event will conclude with lunch.      
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